Anna Jarota

Anna grew up in Poland and obtained a diploma in English philology and psychology from Lodz University. She left Lodz for Paris, where after having validated her Polish diploma in psychology at La Sorbonne University, she started working as a bookseller. It totally converted her into book business. She moved to London where she worked as an agent at Andrew Nurnberg Associates, then as a foreign rights director at XO Editions. She later moved to Paris to set up the agency in 2008 and is assisted by Juliana Miasso.

Celia Long

Celia Long is Head of Rights for the agency, since May 2019. She graduated from the University of Leeds with a joint honours degree in French and Italian. She has seven years’ experience in rights management at Penguin Random House UK, in London, handling righs in all major translation markets and across all literary genres including fiction (MJ Arlidge, Josie Silver), history (Neil McGregor), cookery (Jamie Oliver), lifestyle (Meik Wiking), children's books and travel guides, amongst others. Celia also has additional experience as a freelance reader for literary scouts. She has been speaking French since the age of 4 and she is delighted to have joined AJA and to be living in Paris.

Robin Batet

Having done two degrees, Robin specialized in publishing by doing several internships in the book industry, before getting into a prestigious Book Marketing Master’s degree. After a final internship in our contract department, he is now a junior agent focusing on SFFF, business titles, romance novels, and children’s and YA books.

Marjorie Burbaud

After a Master degree in law studies with a specialization in intellectual property, Marjorie did her graduation internship with an author, and then became part of the AJA team in September 2018, working in close collaboration with Anna’s list of authors, as her assistant.

Nadzieja Rudzka

Nadzieja is our legal officer and takes care of all our contracts. She graduated in law from Warsaw University but her focus has always been on culture rather than the world of corporate law. She has previously worked with artists and cultural organizations (public and private sector) on copyright and administrative issues. She joined AJA Warsaw in October 2015.

Etienne Tiquet

Etienne joined the AJA team in May 2018. He oversees all the agency’s accounting activities and royalties.