Vacancies (new!)

We are currently looking to fill a new position at AJA! See below for details. If you are interested, please email send your CV and Cover Letter (as separate Word documents) to


Job title: Translation Rights Agent/Rights Director


Job description:

We’re seeking highly talented, organized and motivated French speaking agent and director to accelerate growth of sales and to manage A-List roster of clients.

The agency currently handles hundreds of new titles per year, on behalf of the leading publishers and agencies in the US, UK and others, ranging across all genres. The Director will work as an agent and all that this entails, but will also work with the team to holistically ensure all aspects of the rights process are optimised, working together with the Managing Director to develop long term growth plans for the agency.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Work with the team to ensure all stages of the rights process, from requesting and receiving materials, to creating guides for the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs (among others), to completing sales, and including all services pertaining to contracts and payments, are effectively optimised
  • Provide complete oversight of all the details of the above tasks and services
  • Maintain focus on all the titles handled by the agency, both on the frontlist and the backlist, with individual, meticulous attention paid to each client, and must work with the team to allocate resources so that this is done
  • Must handle part of the list as an agent (with the possibility to choose which parts of the agency’s list they work on), with the goal to take responsibility for a considerable part of rights sales going through the agency




Fluent French

Minimum 10 years of rights and/or editorial experience

Must be instinctive, decisive and an enthusiastic reader

Solid understanding of the French book market

Ability to keep all projects running on time, and to ensure that all targets are met each month, quarter and year end

Passionate and enthusiastic for the books we represent and able to convey and spread that enthusiasm to publishers


Anna Jarota Agency is a boutique agency with a family feel. When you join the agency, you will be expected to understand that while it is a business, and must run as efficiently as it can, we expect all members of our team to want to bring their own, unique perspective and skills to the job in their own way, and we want to encourage creativity in approaching all the challenges that may arise – and finally, we hope that the person in this role will come to it with an ability to independently motivate themselves and others on the team to be the best at what they do.